'I am a musician based in Vienna, Austria. My two main focuses are ensemble play and composition. My instruments of choice are the classical guitar (concert studies), mandolin, banjo and electric guitar'

Fabian Baumgartner was born in Bolzano and spent his childhood in Fiè allo Sciliar. He got his first music lessons at the age of 6 but found his way to the guitar only at the age of 15. In his youth, he participated in rock formations and decided to study classical guitar at the conservatory in Bolzano. Incidentally, Fabian led the youth centre in Völs am Schlern and gave lessons for electric guitar and drums there. In addition, he was involved in the youth scene as an event manager. Since then he has organized concerts of all kinds and sizes and got to know the music business.

From 2007 Fabian studied at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien with Professor Heinz Wallisch and successfully completed his bachelor's degree there. During this time he also began to appear in music groups and formed the trio "The Golden Fields" in 2011, which brings self-composed jazz-pop with classical instruments to the stage. In 2014, he joined the indie-folk group "Satuo", who fancifully combine Finnish folk songs, country and blues music.

After completing his studies, Fabian was commissioned to write music for the short films Nachsaison (Director: Daniela Leitner, The film won numerous international short film awards), History of Now (Director: Nadiv Molcho, The World Premiere took place on September 27, 2015, in London at the Raindance Film Festival; The film has already won awards at the Miami Independent Film Festival and the LA Indiefest) and the indie game "Psych", (Game Design: Christian Baumgartner; The game has been downloaded on iTunes and Google Play over 2 million times and was nominated for the Austrian Game Award)

In the years 2015 and 2016, the publication of the albums "Satuo" (Satuo) and "Sunny Side of the Street" (The Golden Fields) was the focus of his work. At the same time, Fabian devoted himself above all to teaching guitar at various music schools in Vienna.

In 2017, the band "Satuo" produced the acclaimed album "Earned", which was received extremely well by critics and the audience. The band was on tour in central Europe in summer 2018. (also check out:

In 2018 Fabian and his mandolin joined the Austrian chansonnier Valentin Lichtenberger and formed 'Valentin und die Zuckerbäcker'. Together with  Georg Haider (e-bass) and Markus Storf (e-guitar, saxophon and percussions) they recorded a 4 track ep-album (Valentin und die Zuckerbäcker) in december 2018 and another ep-album (Valentin und die Zuckerbäcker Nr.2) in 2019. 
The year 2020 is dedicated to album and video releases (check out for more information)